2 years after that dark day

Dear Doctor, 2 years after that dark day, our organisation is bravely fighting against the brazen government machinery and the intense darkness of superstitions, carrying the torch of the thought […]

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Perfection – Our Chosen Path

My Childhood: My father was the editor of ‘Tarun Bharat’ published from Belgaum during the Independence Movement of 1942. Along with his responsibilities as editor of the paper, he also […]

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Dr Dabholkar

Dabholkar’s reflections

Dabholkar’s reflections on Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti’s and his own work . Dabholkar was  requested to write about his past experience and achievements in the Deepavali issue of  the  Magazine called […]

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Executive President

Executive President: Avinash Patil Avinash Patil is shouldering the responsibility as Executive President of ANS since 2010.  By profession he is a Civil Engineer and hails from Dhule Maharashtra. He […]

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Abraham Kovoor

Abraham Kovoor Dr. Abraham Kovoor was a well-known crusader against superstition and obscurantism and the scourge of Satya Sai Baba and other godmen in India. In 1963, he threw an […]

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1 Nov 1945 –  20 Aug 2013 Dr. Narendra Dabholkar was born on 1st Nov. 1945,in Satara,a small city about 100 km away from Pune. He  studied in the New […]

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Need Your Support

Dear friends, We hope you appreciate our efforts to eradicate superstitions. Without your active support we will not be able to proceed further. You can support us by giving us […]

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B. Premananda

Shri B. Premananda, the well known Rationalist from Kerala was  an ardent follower of Abraham Kovoor. He had toured Maharashtra in the year 1983. During this tour, he held a number of […]

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About us

At the beginning of the 21st century and the new millennium, everyone is aware of the need to be able to think with an open mind and to lead a […]

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