Open Challenge to Astrologers

Another Open Challenge to  Astrologers by MANS to win 21 Lakhs
to predict the forthcoming Maharashtra State Assembly Elections (2014) results.
For Debunking of Pseudo Science Prevalent in our Country

This is the second challenge to Astrologers during this year (2014). The first was during the Parliamentary Elections.

MANS has always confronted astrologers for their claim that astrology is a Science. It has always challenged their predictions which are based on pseudo science. Sometimes the challenges were accepted by some astrologers, the modus operandi of accepting the challenge was discussed in detail but at the last moment the concerned astrologers withdrew their acceptance of challenge. Not a single prominent Astrologer came forward to accept the challenge during the last Parliamentary Election. As such the process never took place. This has proven without any doubt that Astrology is a Pseudo Science and people should not believe in their predictions unless they i.e the Astrologers prove that it is a science using scientific method.

What is this Challenge?

During this months, the elections will be held to elect the Members of Legislative Assembly in Maharashtra . There are astrologers who claim that they can predict the results  using planet positions  in the Kundalies, (Astrological Charts) Horoscopes of  individual candidates and also the Parties.

MANS is giving an opportunity to again win Rs 21 Lakhs to those who would like to predict all the results correctly.

Astrological predictions are commonly used to predict the major events and happenings in individual life and also corrective measures based on the planet positions. But most of their claims  solely depend upon chance predictions like the predictions in tossing the coins which will be statistically 50 % correct. Even if we forget the predictions of distant future, astrologers should at least predict correctly the events which occur in very near future.

Though astrology failed to satisfy the criteria laid by science, still UGC tried to introduce the subject in Universities all over India. However UGC did not succeed in Maharashtra due to strong opposition by ANS. If the business of astrology is not based on scientific principles then one should treat it as a commercial venture and subject its predictions under Consumers Act. If predictions of astrologers are not satisfying the consumers, they should be forced to pay back the fees and be punished as per prevailing laws and rules.

In one of the earlier attempts to debunk the claims of Astrologers ANS, IUCAA and Statistical Dept of UOP jointly challenged them in 2008. However predictions of  participating astrologers  did not cross even 50 % bench mark. In fact most celebrity astrologers refused to accept the challenge on one or the other pretext. Perhaps they might have predicted correctly their failures in such a test!

Challenge Procedures

ANS has designed a form (Download link given below) to be filled by the participating astrologers which includes party-wise results, alliance-wise results,  percentages scored, the results of a few noted candidates etc. Those who would like to accept the challenge they should fill the proforma provided and send it to the following address along with a cheque/DD of Rs 5000 as deposit payable to Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti, Maharashtra:

Dr. Nitin Shinde,

Kalptaru, Opp Karmveer Bhaurao Patil College,

ISLAMPUR, Dist Sangali, 415409

(Mobile 9860438208)

The Evaluation of predictions will be done by a committee consisting of Researchers, Political Analysts, Mathematicians, Astronomers, Astrologers etc.  The process is quite transparent.

Avinash Patil                           Nitin Shinde                            Prakash Ghatpande

Download  Jyotish questionnaire and Entry form in Marathi


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