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Blind faith


1.Way of feeling ,thinking believing.
2. Opinion or way of thinking, behaviour reflecting this.

Baba / Bua / Buva / Bhagat

God men

Bhoot badha

Ghosts Haunting, ‘Bhoot badha’: After death an individual is believed to enter a category of existence called ‘Ghost’. In this existence the dead individual is believed to satisfy all his/her desires that remained unfulfilled while he/she was alive. This bodiless inanimate being, it is believed, can enter the body of a living human being and fulfil its unsatisfied desires through the agency of that human being. In the local rural dialect this is called ‘Zad (tree) Pakadane (getting hold of)’.Being possessed by the spirit from the tree or ‘Bhoot badha’ or haunted by ghost. The possessed of haunted person behaves as if some entity has entered his body his expression change, his voice changes. This is again a community sanctioned and accepted behaviour pattern. The affected person has seen or heard some one behave in this manner during his life time. During stress or malfunction in the brain due to substance abuse or other reasons the victim reacts to the condition in this programmed or predetermined fashion.


also a form of Sorcery or Witchcraft. The rural people believe that with the help of a sorcerer one can aggrandize the riches belonging to his rival or can rob the grain from his rival’s food store and transfer it into his own food store. The sorcerers claim that they are able to do anything for the people who believe in them, provided that proper fees are paid to them.

Dev Angat Yene

Being possessed by a ‘Deity’ ‘Devi or ‘Dev Angat Yene’: During this condition, the individual completely transforms his or her expression and behaviour (personality) to resemble some abnormal individual or a deity. The person is then supposed (pretends) to be possessed by a deity during that period he behaves in a convincing manner making appropriate actions and sounds to appear as if he is in a trance and pretends to know answers to all questions posed to him or her by gullible devotees. ANS has challenged any person to show a ghost and win the challenge set up by the committee. ANS volunteers are willing to live in or purchase so called haunted premises. To dispel the imaginary fear of ghosts ANS volunteers hold mid night parties in cemeteries on so called inauspicious moonless nights, even pregnant female volunteers visit cemeteries to prove that so called ghosts do not haunt them or cause any ill affect on their unborn babies.







  1. knowledge arranged in a system .
  2. Knowledge obtained by observation and testing of facts
  1. of, for, connected with, uses in science, guided by the rules of science.
  2. Systematic, accurate, following the systematic method of science.


‘Karani’ a form of sorcery

In backward societies irrational beliefs are assumed to be true because they are passed down from generations to generations and these people believe in their elders and want to conform to the belief system of their society. Thus when a community Sorcerer who is known as a ‘Mantrik’ or ‘Tantrick’ or other similar local name, advises them that the problems faced by them are caused due to ‘karni’ (sorcery) done by their enemy, They believe them and go out of their way to counter the so called ill effects of this sorcery by performing their own ‘karni’ rituals to thwart the assault of their adversary. Some times the ‘Mantrik’ or sorcerer also identifies someone from the locality and accuses him or her of doing Karni. Members of these communities tend to believe these ‘Mantriks’ and fights and feuds erupt between the families causing a great deal of harm and monitory loss to all concerned except of course the ‘Mantrik’ i.e. the sorcerer.

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