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Dev Angat Yene

Being possessed by a ‘Deity’ ‘Devi or ‘Dev Angat Yene’: During this condition, the individual completely transforms his or her expression and behaviour (personality) to resemble some abnormal individual or a deity. The person is then supposed (pretends) to be possessed by a deity during that period he behaves in a convincing manner making appropriate actions and sounds to appear as if he is in a trance and pretends to know answers to all questions posed to him or her by gullible devotees. ANS has challenged any person to show a ghost and win the challenge set up by the committee. ANS volunteers are willing to live in or purchase so called haunted premises. To dispel the imaginary fear of ghosts ANS volunteers hold mid night parties in cemeteries on so called inauspicious moonless nights, even pregnant female volunteers visit cemeteries to prove that so called ghosts do not haunt them or cause any ill affect on their unborn babies.

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