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• How you can join Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti
• Are you distressed due to the superstitions and unscientific attitudes in society?
• Are you saddened that in a country which can send space craft to the moon,there are still human sacrifices
taking place in our country, even today?
• Do you think that society should rid itself of blind beliefs like black magic, being possessed by spirits etc?
• Do you think superstitions shroud be eradicated from society, that Scientific Temper should be inculcated
in society?
If the answers to all questions is a yes then help our organization to achieve these objectives which are also dear to
your heart. Together we will be able achieve the above objectives.
If you want to join our organization:-
Please send us an email with your 1) full name 2) Full Address 3) e-mail 4) Mobile Number
5) qualification 6)employment info or profession details 7) in not more than about 200 words the reason why you
wold like to join ( mail this to us)
You must have read all the material published on our web site and some books written by Dr. Narendra Dabholkar.
Please do this and we will be able to direct you to one of the units of MANS near your vicinity.