Abraham Kovoor

Abraham Kovoor Dr. Abraham Kovoor was a well-known crusader against superstition and obscurantism and the scourge of Satya Sai Baba and other godmen in India. In 1963, he threw an […]

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Perverted Mystic

While fighting against superstitions prevailing in the society, our activists come across and confront gurus of mystical cults, shamans, practitioners of ancient systems of medicine and faith healers. All of […]

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Atrocities by Devarshi Lady

  ANS has conducted teachers training camps all over Maharashtra every year, for last 10 – 12 years to inculcate scientific temperament and various aspects of superstition eradication. These trained […]

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Oil – Water Baba

  Sometimes I wonder how the events take their turn, which, is stranger than fiction in this Marathwada region of Maharashtra. Take for example, the case of Oil – Water […]

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Judgment of Sai Temple Case

  There is no success formula for any business or industry especially if you are in Mumbai.  Some businesses or industries flourish within no time and many of them vanish […]

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Exposure Of Godmen

ANS challenges these imposters who are out to exploit gullible people. For that ANS  appeals to the rationality of the common man. Although ANS has no quarrel with their almighty […]

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