Faith in time of Rationality

The news report from London, “Was she cured miraculously?” by Hasan Suroor (The Hindu, August 20), raises several issues about the nexus between religion and irrationality and goes against the […]

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Superstitious is not “Cool”,

Somehow the belief has spread worldwide that to be superstitious is not “Cool”, that advanced thinking, and technology, have seen off the superstitions of our ancestors, and that modern woman […]

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“Superstitions consist of beliefs and practices, which have no evidence to support them, and are inconsistent with the degree of enlightenment reached by a community.” The above definition of superstitions, […]

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Faith: Source of Superstition

The whole movement of eradication of superstition revolves round this subject and all the brickbats and bouquets that are showered on us are related to it. Some consider our activities […]

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All Pervading Superstitions

Our country is steeped in superstition. We imbibe too many dos and don’ts since our childhood, almost all of them irrational and we are not even aware of it. We […]

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