Appeal for donations and Advertisement
Are you distressed due to the superstitions and unscientific attitudes in society?
Are you saddened that in a country which can send space craft to the moon,there are still human sacrifices taking
place even today?
Do you think that society should rid itself of blind beliefs like Karni, Chetuk,Bhanamati,being possed by spirits etc?
Do you think superstitions shroud be eradicated from society, that Scientific Temper should be inculcated in
If the answers to all questions is a yes then help our organization to achieve this objectives which are also dear to
your heart. Together we will be able achieve the above objectives.
The work of Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti has effectively expanded across Maharashtra. Martyr
Dr. Narendra Dabholkar has built this organization with great effort and prudent thinking. The aim of ANiS work is
to eradicate superstitions in the society and create a new generation with a scientific outlook. ANiS is carrying on
the prudent and active legacy of saints and social reformers in Maharashtra.
The mouthpiece of the organization, ‘Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Vartapatra’ is now in its 30th year. This
magazine, which provides comprehensive information on the eradication of superstition, formulates
rational thought and provides information on action taken, is widely read all over Maharashtra.
The magazine is now coming out in digital format as per the requirement of the present times. The
website of this magazine ( is ready for this. This new website will reach 13 crore
Marathi speakers not only in Maharashtra but all over the world. Therefore, through the advertisement
given on this website, your goodwill is going to reach millions of people and you are going to contribute
to this social work.
Many well-wishers and activists are giving their time, labor and money in this social work of eradication
of superstition, that is why this work has been going on very vigorously for the last 30 years.
If you want to finance this work, you can do it in the following ways.
1) In the form of donation to the organization
2) By advertising in the magazine
4) By advertising on the website of the magazine
(Donor names will be published in the magazine and on the website from time to time)
In any of the above forms, you can contribute to this social work by helping the Anti-Superstition
Contact for more information:
Rahul Thorat, Managing Editor.
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