B. Premananda

Shri B. Premananda, the well known Rationalist from Kerala was  an ardent follower of Abraham Kovoor. He had toured Maharashtra in the year 1983. During this tour, he held a number of lectures and demonstrations to expose the so called miracles performed by self proclaimed god men for the first time in Maharashtra. There was a tremendous response to these lectures from the public. Inspired by these demonstrations and people’s response to them enthusiastic workers undertook the challenging task of eradicating superstitions at many places in the state of Maharashtra.

In order to coordinate and unite all these separate individual efforts, an organization called Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti was formed in 1989. ANS rapidly and successfully spread the work of eradication of superstition to cover most of Maharashtra state. The Samiti has enlarged its scope by initiating a number of novel activities and has thereby become very popular. It has become peoples’ movement. Enlightenment of people at the grass root level being the aim of the organization, MANS workers deliver thousands of lectures throughout Maharashtra.