Black Magic


The word’ black magic’ is very old, and has been in existence from the time immemorial. The Indian Vedas, the Yajurveda, in particular, gave descriptions of black magic. The belief that such supers power exists itself is a superstition. The black magic, generally involves some tantric (occult) rituals. These rituals are used to remove the spell of the individuals who think that they are being possessed by ghosts or/and god. There is a belief that some Tantriks have got supernatural power through which they can manipulate the behaviour of a person. When there is no evidence for existence of ghosts itself (and God!), or the supernatural powers, the possession as well as its remedy become defunct.

Types of spirits-

In Maharashtra it is believed that there are different kinds of ghosts/spirits and they are given different names. When a greedy Brahmin dies he become Brahmasamandha. A woman becomes Hadal if she dies during her delivery. Another type, karanpishachya is only audible but not visible. It is believed that the Pishach can displace the objects, set fire to or tear   the clothes, leave some ugly remarks on the clothes or walls, turn the food watery or into some ugly look, etc.  People believe that some supernatural forces are behind such happenings and only black magicians have power to fight such harmful Pishach. Self proclaimed black magicians think that they have  the special knowledge and will tell how to entertain a ghost.  Tantriks can liberate the spirits from their roaming life and possessed person can be set free.

Karani and Vashikarn-

It is also beleived that the ghosts of lesser severity are called spirits they are normally used by negative Tantric and do black magic through their devilish powers to do evil acts such as Karanhi  or Chetuk,  to disintegrate the marriages, to destroy the businesses, to cause unnecessary innocent deaths, to damage the innocent and add to their agonies, and do the vasikaran for undesired elements to attract the women by freezing their brains and thinking and to get wrong gains. These Tantriks claim that they can treat the mentally ill patients by following certain rituals on certain days and hours.

Scientific reasoning-

The scientific studies have indicated that there is nothing like knowledge of black magic or occult science. These are all figment of imagination and all the rituals to fool the gullible and exploit the innocents. The so called possession of spirit can be exposed by logical reasoning and by persuading the person to confess. The study of the most  of the cases has revealed that the possessed person is either a mentally deranged patient or pretending as though some supernatural entity has possessed. Sometimes illusion play the trick and fool the public.

Efforts put up by ANS-

ANS has published lot of print materials on mental illness keeping in view the possession by  ghost /spirits/gods and godesses. ANS arranges awareness programs on various aspects of Black Magic. ANS appeals to the government to provide facilities for the treatment and research of  mental illness. ANS has been campaining hard for the last eight years to encourage the Maharashtra Government to pass the bill on Eradication of Black Magic, Evil Practices and Customs. . The bill was drafted by the Government of Maharashtra with the help of  ANS and eminent law  experts like late Dr. Satyranjan Sathe, Adv P B Savant etc. Our activists expose the so called black magicians who claim that they have supernatural powers.