Black Magic

The word’ black magic’ is very old, and has been in existence from the time immemorial. The Indian Vedas, the Atharrveda and Yajurveda, in particular, have descriptions of black magic. The belief that such super natural power exists itself is a superstition. The black magic, generally involves some tantric (occult) rituals. These rituals are used to remove the spell of the individuals who think that they are being possessed by ghosts or/and god. There is a belief that some Tantriks have got supernatural power through which they can manipulate the behavior of a person. When there is no evidence for existence of ghosts itself (and God!), or the supernatural powers, the possession as well as its remedy become defunct.

In Maharashtra it is believed that there are different kinds of ghosts/spirits and they are given different names. When a greedy Brahmin dies he become Brahmasamandha. A woman becomes Hadal if she dies during her delivery. Another type, karanpishachya is only audible but not visible. It is believed that the Pishach can displace the objects, set fire to or tear  the clothes, leave some ugly remarks on the clothes or walls, turn the food watery or into some ugly look, etc.  People believe that some supernatural forces are behind such happenings and only black magicians have power to fight such harmful Pishach. Self proclaimed black magicians think that they have  the special knowledge and will tell how to entertain a ghost.  Tantriks can liberate the spirits from their roaming life and possessed person can be set free.