ANS has come to conclusion that there are no miracles and miracles cannot be performed. The events occurring in the world are natural and controlled by natural laws. It is the ignorance and/or insistence of the observers, which mainly compels them to believe such events. ANS challenges openly the persons who claim that they possess miraculous powers and achieve the things, which cannot be explained by natural laws. MANS will award Rs 21,00,000/-  to a person who can perform the following under experimental conditions in front of a mutually agreed committee of experts in that field.

Types of Tests

  • Duplicate a given a currency note.
  • Stand still on fire for one minute without any body movements and without getting injured as a result.
  • Obtain a predetermined object from the air.
  • Identify the number of a currency note sealed in an envelope
  • Find out what one is thinking at a given moment using telepathy/psychic
  • power.
  • Increase the length of a cut limb by 2 cm by prayer or chanting the Mantra or  using sacred water/powder.
  • Float in the air using power of Yoga without the assistance of any gadgets.
  • Walk on the water using power of Yoga without the assistance of any gadgets
  • Stop the heartbeat at least for five minutes using power of Yoga
  • Stop breathing for at least for 30 minutes using power of Yoga
  • Predict at least 80 % of near future events.
  • Photograph a Ghost.
  • Come out of a locked room.
  • Change the weight or dimensions of an object using the supernatural  powers.
  • Find out an hidden object.
  • Change water into petrol.
  • Predict the identity of at least 10 persons whether they are alive or dead, male or female by using palm impressions or their horoscopes and knowledge of palmistry or astrology.
  • Cure chronic disease by using supernatural power.
  • Achieve desired results using charm stones crystals or gems.


  • Person accepting the challenge has to deposit Rs 10000 (200 $) with ANS and sign an agreement which stipulates forfeiture of the deposit in case person fails to prove the accepted challenge.
  • ANS will make necessary arrangements, based on the type of challenge, to prove the test scientifically.
  • The experiment will be conducted under police protection and in front of limited number of audience.
  • The person accepting the challenge will ensure the safety aspects of the test.

One more chance will be given to challenger to prove the claim if the person fails in the first attempt. Second test will be conducted within a fortnight.