Executive President

Executive President: Avinash Patil

Avinash Patil is shouldering the responsibility as Executive President of ANS since 2010.  By profession he is a Civil Engineer and hails from Dhule Maharashtra. He is very young, dynamic and has been groomed by Dr. Narendra Dabholkar for last 15 years. He has a very good rapport with young generation and organization capabilities to lead this movement. He usually looks for constructive activities to engage the activists and propagate anti superstition message among youth.

Even as a student he actively participated in Rashtra Seva Dal and  Chhatra Bharati movements. As a student, through Chhatra Bharati, he had confrontation with educational institutions for their corrupt practices and exploitation of poor rural college students. He, in fact, forced the vice chancellors of Maharashtra, heads of educational institutions and college teachers’ organizations to come together and have some methods to assess the performance of the colleges and award the grades. He had a greater role in organizing mammoth Chhatra Bharati Students Conference at Amalner. The experience gained and lessons learnt from these multifarious activities had immensely helped ANS to organize such large scale events under the stewardship of Avinash Patil.

He participated in the communal harmony movement in and around Jalagaon and established peace committees which had  very good response from all sections of the society. These peace committees had a very active role during religious riots in that area and helped the affected families. He organized camps for displaced families and arranged rehabilitation for them.

He has a particular interest with Human Right movement. He actively participated with Human Right Action Group initiated by Adv Nirmalkumar Suryavanshi. The Group analyses the problems associated with human rights, collects the relevant data and presents its findings. Avinash Patil as a resource person coordinates these research activities. His coordination with Adv Nirmalkumar Suryavanshi helps ANS in its legal complications in general and in the Draft Bill in particular.  As a farmer he has active participation in farmers’ movement in the areas he belongs to.

Realizing the ill effects of witchcraft practices among tribal communities in Vidarbha, he took keen interest in anti witchcraft movement. It was a very sensitive task to make the tribes to abandon  such practices. As an activist, he organsied a very mammoth conference on anti witchcraft in Dhule district involving Govt, Gram Panchayats, local police authorities and tribal communities. It had a very positive effect in the tribal areas.