Exposure Of Godmen

ANS challenges these imposters who are out to exploit gullible people. For that ANS  appeals to the rationality of the common man. Although ANS has no quarrel with their almighty god that is void of form or figure, virtue or vice; ANS certainly cannot tolerate the god that allows himself to be blackmailed, bribed and corrupted by vows and selfish prayers.

While confronting the Godmen ANS follows the following maxims

  • The language of appeal and not confrontation would be effective to win over people to give up the ‘old’ and accept the ‘new’.
  • The common folk are swayed by emotions and sentiments rather than reason. Invoking rationality of the common folk, therefore, is of utmost importance.
  • Despite the common conviction that laws are impotent, it is necessary to ban superstition by law. Laws can and do change the society.
  • Every cruel tradition should be investigated, exposed and speedily crushed.

What ANS does?

It is ANS intension to appeal earnestly to educational institutions, mass media and political leadership to help in challenging the ideas and concepts that support and strengthen these fraudulent god men right from the school level onwards. With such tremendous progress in science, one expects god and religion to recede back. But what we see is just the opposite. It is every citizen’s responsibility to eradicate this scourge of godmen from society as they cause grave social problems. The media as well as the leadership should fight against this scourge. While people are being killed in the name of faith, the politicians utilize their superstitious nature to further their ambitions. They refuse even to mention superstition because the gullibility of the common folk helps them hold on to power. The so-called religious leaders like Satya Sai Baba and Asaram Bapu engender and nourish superstitions.   We propitiate and offer prayers to a new computer or a satellite before launching, with sandal wood paste, flowers and incense and also break a coconut for their good conduct and trouble free performance. Why should one wonder or dislike if our President takes the trouble of visiting Satya Sai Baba? After all now he is more a President than a scientist! He has got to keep in mind who made him the president of this Bharatbhumi. ANS wants to spread a message that our movement is no more a narrow movement of eradicating superstition but has become a much wider movement of moral reformation of the society. Globalization and fundamentalism encourage racial, religious and caste hatred among people so that they can be exploited more and more. Renaissance at the global level is what is needed. ANS no doubt, did achieve a lot but a lot more needs to be done. We have yet to reach the nooks and corners of the country.


ANS has established dialogue with large number of people from 25 districts of Maharashtra through several hundred programs. As a miracle comes to the notice of the media, they flash that news’s as ‘An Open Challenge to ANS’. In fact this constitutes a challenge to our constitution, to our educational program and to the known science itself. In fact ANS challenges who claim to perform miracles and win Rs.21 lakh.