Glossary of terms used on this site

Blind faith
1.Way of feeling ,thinking believing.
2. Opinion or way of thinking, behaviour reflecting this.
Baba / Bua / Buva / Bhagat
God men
Bhoot badha
Ghosts Haunting, ‘Bhoot badha’: After death an individual is believed to enter a category of existence called ‘Ghost’. In this existence the dead individual is believed to satisfy all his/her desires that remained unfulfilled while he/she was alive. This bodiless inanimate being, it is believed, can enter the body of a living human being and fulfil its unsatisfied desires through the agency of that human being. In the local rural dialect this is called ‘Zad (tree) Pakadane (getting hold of)’.Being possessed by the spirit from the tree or ‘Bhoot badha’ or haunted by ghost. The possessed of haunted person behaves as if some entity has entered his body his expression change, his voice changes. This is again a community sanctioned and accepted behaviour pattern. The affected person has seen or heard some one behave in this manner during his life time. During stress or malfunction in the brain due to substance abuse or other reasons the victim reacts to the condition in this programmed or predetermined fashion.