Urgent need for the coordinated efforts between teams investigating Dabholkar, Pansare and Kalburgi Cases

The new evidence from the Karnataka CID about the same weapons being used in all three murders is a major development in investigation of the murders of Dr Dabholkar, Pansare and Prof Kalburgi. On this background of this development there is a urgent need for coordinated efforts between teams investigating Dabholkar, Pansare and Kalburgi Case stated Mr Avinash Patil state chairman of Maharashtra Andhshradha Nirmulan Samitee(MANS) ,Madhav Bavage principal secretary of MANS ,Dr Hamid Dabholkar, Megha Pansare, and Shreevijay Kalburgi at the press conference held in New Delhi today .

They further elaborated that this new evidence clearly indicates that there is no personal or family motive involved in these cases but all of them are linked to ideological opposition. They also expressed surprise on why it is taking so long for the police to identify the organized groups involved in the ideological opposition of Dr Dabholkar , Pansare and Kalburgi ,which is a self evident . State Government of Maharashtra has already charge sheeted Mr Sameer Gaikwad from Sanatan Sanstha in Com Govind Pansare case and if the nexus of people supporting him is interrogated the truth should come out .

They also mentioned that the role of Rudra Patil, Sarang Akolkar , Jayprakash Hegade and Pravin Limbkar who are friends of Sameer Gaikwad and affiliates of the same organization should be thoroughly investigated . All four of them are on the international red corner notice of National Investigating agency for Madgaon bomb blast case. They also mentioned that all efforts to find these four should be fast tracked for preventing murder of fourth rationalist.

It was also shared at the press conference that Maharashtra Andhashradha Nirmulan Samitee and likeminded organizations have observed a protest at JantarMantar today demanding fast track and coordinated inquiry in these murder cases and the agitation will be escalated through the nonviolent and democratic means if proper actions are not taken in the recent future .They also expressed extreme concern about the difficulty in getting the appointment of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi regarding the delay in investigation .

It was also shared at the press conference that MANS has continued its work fearlessly even after Dr Narednra Dabholkar’s murder .The protest that Dr Narednra Dabholkar and MANS has initiated about the inequality faced by the women at various places of worship including Shani Shinganpur in 1999-2000 is now its advanced stage where many other social organizations have also started raising this issue. They also mentioned that the PIL filed by MANS in Mumbai high court about this issue is pending for last fifteen years and in light of new developments MANS is demanding fast tracking of this PIL of the ShaniShinganpur regarding women discrimination related PIL . They also expressed feeling that delay in justice in this case is similar to denying of justice. MANS also supports the PIL filed by Noorjahan regarding women discrimination at Haji Ali and PIL for asking for gender equality Shabarimala.

They also mentioned that CPI , MANS and other likeminded organization will be protesting across the state of Maharashtra and in many other states on 20 th February which is the first death anniversary of Com Govind Pansare.

Insensitivity and delay in booking officials responsible for the suicide of Rohit Vemula was also condemned by them and it was also mentioned that all these incnedence are not only indication of the increasing intolerance in the country but radicalization on name of the religion .

They also expressed the need of anti black Magic Act similar to the one in Mharashtra at the national level and shared the fight against anti constitutional parallel judiciary of JATPANCHAYAT similar to Khap Panchayat in north India and need for a strong act prohibiting JANTPANCHAYAT at Maharastra state and central level .State secretary Thaksen Gorane , Gajendra Surkar and national convener Sudesh Ghoderao were present for the press conference