Programs and Activities

MANS is the most widely spread and active rationalist organization. Its activities are innumerable and spread all over Maharashtra State.

Some of them are listed here.

1. Programs for spreading and inculcating Scientific Outlook

a) Public meetings and lectures on various topics-pseudo sciences like Vastushastra, Phalajyotish (astrology)

b) Vidnyan Vahini  programs, like, Granth Yatra (books exhibition), Vidnyan Yatra (Science exhibition), Akash Darshan (mobile planetarium), Sex education, Conservation of Environment, etc.

{slide=2. Developing inquisitive and critical attitude:}

Activists are trained in awakening people and inculcating this attitude in workshops and camps. University and college professors participate in these programs.


{slide=3. Constructive Criticism of Religion:}

Demonstration to oppose animal sacrifice; Jatamukti (cutting the matted tresses of girls and saving them from being dedicated to goddess Yellamma), exposing fraudulent Baba-Buvas- Matas Fakirs and missionaries claiming supernatural powers.


{slide=4. Addiction and Treatment of Drug Addicts:}

ANiS believes that addiction is a mental disease and it can be cured. It opposes addiction but not the addict whom it considers a friend in need. It is convinced that ANiS opposes the Government’s policy of promoting liquor production and consumption to earn more revenue for development. It insists that government make consistent policy and De-addiction programs and implement them properly. Considering the unlimited supply of liquor, advertising it aggressively, economy of this industry and the politics involved in it, it seems impossible to eradicate or even reduce addiction solely by educating people and making them aware of the hazards of addiction. In 1997 the health ministers of the European countries took a bold decision to reduce drinking by 20% in the next 5years and accomplished it. Quite a few years back N.T. Ramarao introduced prohibition in Andhra Pradesh, which continued for a while. During that period women’s savings in their postal accounts increased tremendously.  ANiS urges the government to consider all these points and change its policy on liquor production.