Protest against Gadge Maharaj of Beed


Not very far from Beed, there is a little village of Moregaon that has a Nagnath temple. It had been brought to the notice of ANS Beed chapter that   Gadge Maharaj was exploiting devotees visiting the temple. From time to time ANS activists tried to intervene, but the Maharaj continued his practices. Ultimately to protest and seek timely intervention from authorities, a group of volunteers from the Beed ANS chapter started a one-day token fast, in front of the district collector’s office. The protest was organized under the leadership of the president of the chapter, Col. Namdevrao Chavan and secretary, Prof. Savita Shete. The Beed ANS chapter has been very active in eradicating superstitions in the society. With political backing, the poor, hapless common persons are being looted in brought daylight by Gadge Maharaj. Because the Beed ANS chapter was vigilant, it could stem the rot very early on and wipe out the exploitation by Gadge Maharaj.

The detail story is as follows: In Moregaon, one hoax person calling himself Gadge Maharaj claimed that he had divine powers to cure diseases, and rid persons of debilitating illnesses. He spread this news and advertisements in the village. The common, innocent people of the village believed him. ANS Beed chapter complained against this to the authorities. But unfortunately since the authorities took no concrete action, the volunteers had to stage a protest by calling a token fast. Because of this display of strong action, the district collector took note and ordered the police to take the correct steps. The cheat, Gadge Maharaj, heard  this news and absconded from the village. Police could nab three of his followers though.

Mrs.Tarabai Kakde,age  of Khandala village narrates her experience. Since she was hard of hearing, she approached Gadge Maharaj for cure. Instead of offering any medication, apparently the Maharaj just uprooted her ear itself. Maharaj claimed that by doing so, he exorcized the ghost residing in her ears. But the poor lady had to seek proper medical help and had to have five stitches. Mr. Narayan Kale, who is physically challenged and has no sensations below his waist, said that Gagde Maharj took money to use his divine powers to enable Mr. Kale walk. But nothing happened. Mr. Kale wasted thousands of rupees and remains physically challenged as yet. Mr. Kale lodged a complaint to Beed ANS chapter and because of timely action; more such exploitation by a cheat was stopped. The volunteers pledged that if Gagde Maharaj came back again, they would renew their protest with intensity.  Participating  District and police officers had a meeting and took note of the Gadge Maharaj issue. After this ANS volunteers called off the protest fast.  The volunteers who participated in this protest were Col. Namdev Chavan, Prof. Savita Shete, R.K.Morale, Prof. Shinde, Prof. Bidwe, Vijay Gheware, Rajkumar Kadam, Tandale, Nagre, Sangita Lakhute, Shakuntala Jagtap, Ranjana Takle, Prof. Gawali, Mohan Chore, Santosh Bangar, Baban Pradhan, Fidel Chavan, D.G. Tandale and other office bearers.

– Prof. Savita Shete