Rationality Mission for Success in Life


MANS is doing its best to eradicate prevailing superstitions, inculcate scientific temperament and instill value based rationalism among the society members so as to bring a new beginning in the life of an individual. Barring a few, rapidly deteriorating conditions of the society are making every one inactive, passive, submissive and sometimes to lose the patience. We are becoming quite helpless, fearful, and direction less. Compromises in every situation are becoming a sort of routine affair in every one’s life. Heartless glottalization, commercialization of every aspect of life, growing consumerism arising due to impact of powerful media like TV, easy accessibility of addictive materials which corrupt innocents, the deterioration of ethical values in the fast changing society etc have made everyone’s life utterly miserable and dependent upon whims and fancies of policy makers. In addition to all these factors, the religious fanatics have joined hands with the greedy politicians who are responsible for policies that affect the life of the individuals and are encouraging the violence, cruelty, suppression of universal values, and self centered behavioral pattern. This has far reaching effect on the life of an ordinary person who is under stress due to fear, instability, and poor living conditions. Society is losing its vigor and enthusiasm and is always on the run after something…, which cannot be defined, identified and reached.

We have forgotten that we have the potential to come out of this situation. The pressure of the society consisting of persons with rational minds will change the existing conditions in totality. The basic issues can be solved by regaining the self-confidence and will to do. For that we need spirited and fully charged youth to bear the torch for a long march of the progress and development. The handful of rationales amongst us will join the youth in this mission whole-heartedly. Only youth has a power to bring the total change in the conditions of the life. Let us put first step in the path of the reformation.

We posses the thinking power and capacity to act after the requisite thought process; the gift bestowed upon the homo sapience, thanks to the evolutionary process of million years. The self-confidence gained by the rational thinking needs the challenge. We, therefore, challenge you to come out of these passive, discouraging nihilistic conditions. The history of human being suggests us that the scientific attitude and rationale among us will solve the problems encountered while leading the modern life. To achieve success in real terms, we need rationalistic behavior pattern. ANS is inviting one and all to join the mission.

The mission aims to encourage the participants to follow four action plans to begin with and thereby bring the desired change in the society. The suggested action plan is as under:

Action Plan 1

The age old superstitions consisting of traditions, rituals, mind boggling procedures require money, labour and time of the individual as well as society. The modern society can’t afford to waste these valuable resources. In fact the superstitions ensure that the poor and downtrodden will remain in the same state forever and ever without giving any opportunity to come out of poor conditions. Let us take a pledge not to follow any of the superstitions and waste the resources. We will collectively oppose the authorities who spends tax payers money on the festivals and ceremonies like Kumbh Mela, temples/mosques/church maintenance, local festivals etc and allocate the funds for infrastructures like water, power, communication, transport, health-care, primary education and other welfare and development activities.

Action Plan 2

The person, deprived of rationality, will be victim of superstitions internally and life killing addiction externally. The addiction of any kind will deprive the person of his/her physical and mental health and subject the person to severe pain and in the long run shortening the life. At the individual level let us take oath not to fall pray to any addiction; even for just once too. The growing addiction has turned into a national burning issue in recent years. Maharashtra Government is openly encouraging the addictions making them accessible easily at all places and at all the hours and amassing the taxes at the expense of its citizen’s health. Let us force our administrators to publish a white paper giving all the details about their short and long term plans to curb addiction in the state.

Action Plan 3

The growing unrest in the minority community due to intolerance among the society is breeding violence and encouraging terrorism thus disturbing peace and law and order. It is observed that the victims during any disturbance and riots are usually poor and downtrodden living in poor conditions and restoration of normal life takes long time. The violence destroys the peaceful co-existence of society and individual in the democratic state. Even the male chauvinism prevailing in the society is forcing women to take up extreme measures like committing suicide. Let us take an oath not be proud of the religion, caste, region, language or gender. We will never glorify violence of any kind to any one. We will compel the administration to oppose and punish such elements in the society.

Action Plan 4

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency) is a threat to the society. The newly wed woman is the first victim of this dangerous disease, which will rob her of everything from her life. Let us avoid strictly any extra marital relations. It is common experience that after the marriage only, girl will comes to know that her husband is HIV positive. Even if girl’s parents demand the HIV certificate, the would-be-husband refuses to produce the same. Let us insist to amend the marriage act to produce the HIV certificate while registering the marriage, which is compulsory nowadays. This will enable the concerned to demand the certificate legally and avoid future complications.

Let us reform forever. MANS invites everyone to join the campaign earnestly and whole-heartedly. The aspiring participants may contact nearest MANS units to know more about the mission.