Sky Gazing or Nabhangan Darshan (Sky Show)

Sky Gazing or Nabhangan Darshan (Sky Show)

A program of Nabhangan Darshan (Sky Show) was conducted carrying the portable inflatable  Dome Planetarium in the vehicle made available to ANS by IUCCA Pune. It reached at least 200 students of 8th and 9th class per day.

Program Implementation
We carried  the inflatable Dome planetarium to a nodal school in that area which is located centrally of a village, or urban cluster. The nodal school usually contacted the neighboring schools to depute students to attend the exhibition. The demo was conducted in batches of 30 minutes for 20 students at a time from each class. Permission was sought from education authority for releasing the students during school working hours for a specified period to attend the demo. Thus within 5 working hours 200 students were able to avail the opportunity to visit planetarium per day.  Neighboring school students were also invited. The additional time available with students after/before demonstration was utilized for poster exhibition quiz and elocution competition on which additional details about Universe was made available. The trained narrators would explain the content available inside the planetarium to these students. The demo covered various aspects of astronomy, cosmology, planet positions, eclipses, zodiac signs, and their relevance to day-to-day life.

New planetarium

Mr Ashoke Sen , world remounted physicist has donated a mobile digital planetarium through his Triveni Trust to MANS

MANS  has stared the digital mobile planetarium project anew since last year . The program reaches approximately 25,000 school children in a year

The program includes a show of mobile digital planetarium and also a program on the scientific temperament