‘Vigyan Shodh’ Examinations

It is experienced that children learn very fast and retain whatever has been learnt during childhood  for a very longer period. They usually learn from their parents, schools and the society they live in. Since our society (and the parents) is not yet ready to accept the scientific attitude, though it is beneficiary of latest developments in science and technology, ANS is putting its efforts to teach the school going children about scientific attitude and harmful effects of superstitions.

In this regard ANS has formulated syllabus for various age groups and conducts examination regularly for school going children to assess their capability to assimilate the knowledge of scientific attitude. ANS has published number of booklets on this subject. It is expected that the students will study the booklets and attend the examination and receive the certificates signed by the dignitaries. The booklets are written in Marathi. However efforts are also being made to conduct these examinations and publish the books in English so that non-Marathi speaking students can also benefit from this unique program.

In addition ANS conducts 3-day seminars for the teachers who are interested in conducting Vigyan Shodh examinations for their students. The teachers are addressed by the activists of ANS who are working in the field and have first hand knowledge of various subjects related to anti-superstition movement. Activists stress  about the importance of eradication of superstitions in the society. After completion of training program the trained teachers will teach the students about various aspects of scientific attitude and superstitions and prepare the students for Vigyan shodh examinations.

This unique program is continuing for last 15 years and ANS has trained more than 20,000 teachers. More than 150000 students might have undergone Vigyan Shodh training and examinations. This is an ongoing activity and is very popular in rural and urban Maharashtra.

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